Friday, February 26, 2010

I am not a church building hater

The subject of church has come up a lot lately. I visited my old pastor from 7 years ago and as I left his wife said, "So where do you go to church?" "You know you need to be in church."

Then one of my new and awesome friends asked me to come to a meeting where several churches are coming together to discuss building a multimillion dollar building and they want to brain storm what to put in it to attract the young folk. One of my old and yet still awesome friends said, "You just opened up a can of worms." I just smiled.

Fast forward a couple sleepless nights. I am not a church building hater. Actually, I have always dreamed of a building packed with clothes. So many clothes that you have to sit on them just to fit in the sanctuary. A kitchen with a hot meal always ready, not a trendy coffee shop. A food pantry opened 24/7. Beds and showers for those who need it. I have held on to this vision for 18 years.

I whispered to the pastors wife, "I DO church my own way." Yes, we ARE the church, it doesn't always have to be in a four walled structure. It can look like a group of friends coming over to paint. It can look like a conversation with my Alaskan friend via Facebook. It can look like the heartbreak I feel when one of my friends messes up. It can look like my friends from elementary school coming over for a "Just Dance" party.

I have a vision where the CHURCH takes care of those in need instead of the government. I have a vision of children being able to break the cycle of poverty. I have the vision where if someone is cold, hungry or wet then believers will step in and provide. I have a vision where churches stop putting their money into planting more flowers or repaving their perfect parking lot and invest the money into people instead.

This is the most personal blog I could have ever written.


  1. This blog made me weep - why? Because I'm 50 and I feel the same way! and I just don't see why the church just doesn't get it, why they can't see what we see... I struggle every day with weather or not I should try to "go back" to church! ARGHH! Thanks for writing this Blog! You have spoken my heart!

  2. We have been taught...actually we have been drilled to think of church as a routine. Something you do once a week, and if you feel really good, go in sometime during the week.
    I am not sure, but "meeting" together has gone from fellowship, and loving the "least of these" and building mega churches that take more than they give.

  3. church is NOT a is Christ's bride...and where do we find Christ (matt 25:31-46)? why is the church not helping Christ? why? this isn't YOUR problem,'s all of ours.

  4. I love the church building you want to build...That is the same dream your mom and I had for years....24/7 worship in middle and the "least of these living in the building"..Of course your music would be your generation's favorite music....Overhead connecting to other like minded groups while you sit and have coffee and listen to all night like the bars....I pray you can do it...TAKE THE NIGHT BACK..OF COURSE---- YOU KNOW I THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD ARE NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOK FOR MINISTRY..LOVE YOU...

  5. Charessa, you are obviously not alone on this, and no need to repeat the wisdom all these others have spoken. Just want you to know, I get it, I totally get it.

  6. Charessa, you know that we grew up being told that anything is possible. I too have found it difficult to become involved with current churches. I feel guilty for not following the mold that the current Christian society has set. I miss the days when church at Dunkin Doughnuts was normal, and we all felt like being together meant something, and we were accomplishing something...

  7. However, if the people in the meeting that you were at are interested in sharing your vision, then I have a recommendation about who to speak to. My mother-in-law, Patti Brown, is very involoved in a place called the Lamb Center, in Fairfax,VA. They take care of the homeless, feed them, wash their clothes, give them a place to shower, and hold prayer meetings there with them, etc. If you are interested in exploring these options, shoot me a message, and I will get you her contact info.